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We recently undertook a short film for the corporate division of Facebook to highlight the charitable achievements of their offices throughout Europe. It was a lot of fun to do and the Facebook team was great. We were very impressed by the amount of time and energy they dedicated to helping smaller businesses free of charge and for other charitable work throughout Europe. Well done Facebook!

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A promotional film we shot and edited for the famous restaurant 1 Lombard Street in heart of the City.... MORE

Caledonian Club
A lovely little film we shot and edited for the Caledonian Club in Belgravia.... MORE

We are currently shooting a series of 10 short cookery films for Goosebox, who offer a gourmet takeaway service, which involves a simple cooking process at home.... MORE

Super Casino
We recently shot a behind the scenes video for Super Casino during one of its promotional fashion shoots with its four leading female presenters.... MORE

Aleah Music Video
Between two major projects that have dominated our time this year, we were asked to shoot a budget music promo for Aleah in Ibiza.... MORE

Natmat sting Kids Mattress
Flick have been largely shooting overseas this year on two major travel and hotel projects but during these shoots we found time to complete a couple of quick promo stings for NatMat to show off what's in their kids' mattresses.... MORE

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